Rui Jie Wang

I dabble in UX / Digital Design / Branding


COCA 201: Wave Walk

Adobe Creative Suite Art Direction 3D Modeling

The concept of Wave Walk was to redefine our relationship with our spaces, through exploring our tactile and auditory senses. We tracked various participants walking patterns throughout campus and transposed them into 3D models of each individual's paths. What was created a complex 3D network of interwoven paths and auditory touchpoints embedded with sound bites recorded at that moment in time that could only be heard through touching the point and completeing the circuit of the embedded conductive filament. This was part of a semester long project where we had to research embedded electronic technologies and create our own artistic concepts to showcase at the end of the year Creative Computing exhibit. We used open source 3d modeling software, running apps and processing with arduino to create the final art piece. I was responsible for the sketching, mapping of paths


1) Responsive Canvas for Collaborative Drawing

2) EGG Waves Visualization

3) Interactive Video Installation


With the help of the folks at Queen's Human Media Lab we created test paths as a quick proof of concept. Here the white areas were comprised of conductive filament and was encased with a path structure. Each were seperately modelled, printed, and customly fitted to interlock with each other to create a conductive path.


The project evolved throughout its development and adjustments had to be made for the housing structure due to the constraints on the size of the paths. Below there is the initial sketch concept of the housing frame and wiring. A total of 8 paths were tracked and modelled to be printed and overlap each other in various heights to create a deconstructed nest of pathways.


We were able to showcase the Wavewalk Soundmap at the 2015 Creative Computing Showcase. Many participants were initially intrigued and surprised by the intricacies of the sound map and were delighted upon hearing the first sound point.