Rui Jie Wang

I dabble in UX / Digital Design / Branding


Younger Hearts Program

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As a designer from the 2016 Summer Designership, we worked with Heart & Stroke Foundation to explore and develop a health and wellness program to reduce for older adults. Younger hearts is a health and wellness program that helps older adults make small, easy changes to eat healthy and be physically active. Using Human-Centered Design we were able to bring in the voice of older adults to ensure health and wellness programs fit within their needs. I was responsible for prototyping and designing digital concepts for specific touchpoints in onboarding participants into the health and wellness program. An overview of our the service design process is available below:

Visit Microsite Prototype Catalogue Implementation Guide

Prototyping Touchpoints

Health Assessment Awareness Survey

I designed a fun an interactive online survey wherein users can visit the website and use this as a mini-game/tool to understand their heart age and how it ties into their current lifestyle.

Digital Health Platform Tutorial Concepts

Here were some UI mockups of an online health portal that participants would have access to a wealth of online and offline resources to help them rediscover new ways of improving or maintaining their health. The main finding was discovering a way to create an onboarding process that would reveal the most value of the platform to the user as soon as possible.

Intake Experience Map

This was the overall intake experience mapped from the user's initial awareness stage when they hear about the program, to enrollment at specific Shopper's Drugmart locations, and finally to the first login into the digital health portal.

Emergent Design Principles

Throughout the 4 months we worked closely with the client to educate and develop key design principles that can be carried over into further development of the health program throughout its duration as well as follow up processes. These were just some of the visual posters to encapsulate the design research we had done.