A Curious Case

Exploring Multimedia Storytelling Paradigms

The core of the game was to explore the idea of interactive storytelling. At the conception of Curious Case I had been playing around with the idea of tarot cards and how one could extrapolate an abundance of symbolic meanings from the infinite permutations in how the cards were laid out.

Like the tarot cards, I wanted to continue to explore this area of storytelling where choices could be made to explore and infer different things, but also while using immersive mediums like AR and VR in a meaningful, contextual and accessible way. Thus inspired by the Curious Case of Ronald Opus Curious Case was born!

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Origin Stories: 2020 @Dames Making Games

The theme of Killing Cyberpunk is a crucial cornerstone in how the story has evolved and something I hope to explore more about ethics, privacy, memory, and mortality. The visual aesthetics of error and imperfection are a cornerstone to the theme, and I hope to explore ways to subvert that throughout the game.

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