PwC Digital Monolith

>> Status: Launched in 2020 (7 months)

>> Client: PWC

>> Team: PATIO Interactive Inc.

>> Role: UI/UX, Interface Design, Concept Development

Preparing for tomorrow’s workforce today

As part of PwC’s Digital Readiness Program and their Your Tomorrow campaign, we worked with PwC Canada to develop an interactive and engaging way for employees to anonymously share thoughts and spark dialogue around the digital future of work at the firm.

Digital Monolith

We designed and built four kiosks and a remotely accessible web version, along with the complete user experience. Integrated within the experience is PHL(read: Phil), an ‘AI’ bot with a goal to collect anonymous PwC employee and partner feedback on digital readiness and enthusiasm to upskill. The experience allows to share responses within the organization, see what others are saying, and leverage this feedback for discussion at their Town Halls.

Concept Development

The character PHL is inspired by the film’s AI bot Hal, along with today’s modern voice assistants like Siri.

The Digital Monolith’s main interface was primarily inspired by the iconic film, 2001: Space Odyssey. By giving a voice and personality to a digital chatbot, we were able to create more of a tangible presence and dialogue between users interacting with the monolith.

Concept Iterations

The interface evolved to match PwC's brand marketing and campaign visuals but to also account for the mirror finish of the digital monolith structure itself.

![Voice Visualization](/assets/PHL.gif "Voice Visualization")

The final result was a phygital experience that offers an exciting, encouraging and forward-thinking way for employees to participate in anonymously contributing their thoughts on the digital future of work.

Selecting multiple choice questions

Inputting Custom Answers

Dynamic Realtime Data Visualizations of your Results

This bilingual, multi-channel solution & content management system allows to easily manage inputs from various offices across the country. The live insights help promote and highlight employee digital readiness and enthusiasm, and extend dialogue within the organization.

Cross-platform experience

With the companion microsite, the campaign was made accessible beyond the physical installation so employees across all offices could engage via desktop or mobile devices if they couldn’t get to a physical Monolith. By working closely with PwC’s digital, IT and security governance team, we were able to ensure delivery of a secure and compliant product that met the national firm’s regulations.

1,000+ responses over 10 weeks across 23 offices

Digital Monolith Mockup Concepts